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If accepted as an "Inspection Partner" I agree to the following:
1. I will communicate with and update RAL as required.
2. I will adhere to the RAL Supplier Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Understanding.
3. I will contact RAL ASAP if I am unable to accept an assignment.
4. I will attempt to schedule the appointment within 24 hours.
5. I will complete the inspection within three business days.
6. I will take digital photos per RAL’s photo policy (at least two of the exterior from opposite corners, all visible defects, not inspected items, items needing further evaluation, roof, electrical panel, mechanicals, crawl space and attic).
7. I will forward the completed inspection report and photos to RAL within 24 hours of the inspection.
8. I will submit to a background check upon request.

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Background Check Release:


In consideration for subcontract hiring by Radon Analytical Laboratories, Inc., and/or RAL Inspection Services (hereinafter referred to as “RAL”), I hereby authorize the RAL, and/or any designated agent including any consumer reporting agency on RAL’s behalf, to conduct any desired background investigation of my personal history as allowed by law, and to obtain and review any criminal and civil court findings, to investigate any action related to subcontract hiring, and/or any investigative consumer report in conjunction with said investigation.

I understand the nature and scope of said inquiries may include, but is not limited to, verification, inspection and/or reporting of any lawfully available records or information pertaining to work history; education; worker’s compensation claims, criminal and civil court related actions; driving history (including traffic related offenses); and, any other information available from any public or otherwise documented record, and/or from any past or present business, professional or personal associates, pertaining to, but not limited to, my work history, character, ethics, and general reputation.

I hereby fully release RAL, and any and all of its employees, directors, agents, successor and assigns, and any contributing parties or sources from whom any information is obtained, from any and all claims, actions or liability whatsoever which is in any way related to this or any subsequent investigation of my personal history.

I hereby state that all information provided by me to RAL, in any form, is, to the best of my knowledge, true, correct and complete. I also understand that any known misrepresentation made by me to RAL will exclude me from further consideration as a candidate for subcontract hiring, and may result in termination of my contract with RAL if I am hired by RAL before such misrepresentation is identified.

I understand RAL will not release, without my specific approval, any reports to third parties, such as but not limited to, clients of RAL. I further understand RAL will release this report to the individual’s employer, if applicable, whom RAL may have hired on an independent contractor basis.