Our Network

Professionals working with Professionals

RAL has been building successful relationships with our network of qualified inspectors since 1987. With over 30 years of inspection network management experience, we know what to look for in a professional inspector. Our time-tested approach is centered on quality and professionalism.

RAL considerers our network a direct extension of our culture and values. Our relationships are built on mutual respect, earned trust and a commitment to quality. We have been very successful in building long-term relationships with some of the best inspectors in the country. Since our network is composed of 100% independent contractors, we maintain the flexibility to quickly make changes if meeting our expectations or the expectations of our clients is ever at risk.

An on-going inspector vetting process starts with our detailed initial interview and continues through every assignment for the lifetime of our relationship. Our progressive internal quality control rating system tracks and rates performance, turn-time, value and professionalism. We focus on inspectors who maintain membership in professional associations with a strict code of ethics and only utilize licensed and insured inspectors as required by individual state law. In addition to an RAL background check, the vast majority of our inspectors are subject to a background checks as required by state licensing or professional membership designation.

Quality control

RAL has earned our reputation for exceptional quality over the past 30 years one inspection at a time. Our in-house team of report specialists reviews every field report for quality and consistency. Our clients deserve this level of attention to detail and we take great pride in being a valuable resource our clients can depend on year after year.


Listed below are several reports made available in Word format. You will need Microsoft Word to view these documents.

Once saved, you can fill out the report and email the file back to RAL at


RAL North Carolina ERC

RAL Radon

RAL Pool

RAL Sprinkler

RAL Stucco & Siding Evaluation

RAL Roof

RAL Septic Inspection

RAL Well

RAL Miscellaneous

RAL Re-Inspection

RAL Unimproved Trust

RAL Improved Trust

RAL Preliminary Visual Environmental Report

RAL Texas Home Inspection Field Report

RAL North Carolina Septic Report

RAL Photo Policy

ERC Photo Log

RAL PEX Plumbing

RAL Window Inspection

Photos can be sent on your own report form, they can be sent as loose files, or you can use a 3rd party file transfer service.

Below are instructions for the latter, using