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ReloOlogy Inspections

ReloOlogy Inspection Management Services was formed by relocation and inspection industry veterans in 2013. Our leadership spent years working in Human Resources, property inspections and various roles supporting the relocation of thousands of homeowners and transferees. In March of 2023, ReloOlogy acquired the RAL Inspection Services company to include their knowledgeable staff, technology, network, best practices and all resources to continue serving their clients. The mixture of past experiences and knowledge helped create our top-rated company to best serve our customers in everything we do. We are a small business working together to deliver services with honesty, integrity, and care. Over 60,000+ inspections have been performed and delivered to highly satisfied customers within the last 10 years.

ReloOlogy also partners with the best of the best inspectors and inspection companies across the nation. An ACCURATE inspection report starts with a highly knowledgeable and qualified inspector partner. ReloOlogy’s quality assurance team reviews every inspection in detail, analyzes photos, reviews defects and safety hazards, provides repair recommendations and then creates an inspection report with all the necessary information to be of value to the customer. Our ReloOlogy team has the inspection experience necessary to deliver ACCURATE and QUALITY reporting.

What to Expect Working with Us…
You have chosen to work with the Best nationwide inspection services company for your benefit. Inspections are delivered with: ACCURACY, TIMELINESS, & TOP RATED CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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Company Values






Passionate customer service


Dedication to learning


Respect for others



Our Mission

To be North America’s premier provider of professional inspection information based on integrity, knowledge and outstanding customer service.

Service Partner Guidelines

These Service Partner Guidelines outline our expectations for our Service Partners (inspectors) related to regulatory compliance, ethical business practices, labor and human rights, diversity, health & safety, and environmental stewardship. All Service Partners engaged in providing services to ReloOlogy are expected to act in accordance with these guidelines. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to doing the right things for the right reasons. We recognize the importance of delivering accurate, unbiased information along with exceptional service. Our commitment is to be a respected resource for our clients, a trusted partner with our subcontractors and a devoted employer to our team members.

Meet the Leaders of ReloOlogy

Josh Rihn, CRP

Josh Rihn, CRP


Josh joined ReloOlogy after holding numerous senior management positions with 14 years working with a top Fortune 100 Company. He brings 8 years of corporate Human Resources experience to include: benefits, compensation, talent acquisition, employee relations, compliance, career development and management.

During his tenure in corporate Human Resources, Josh spent several years coordinating the relocation of company transferees and was the primary liaison between the company and the relocation management company.

“With my many years of working directly with company transferees, I recognize the importance of delivering services with care and also meeting the needs of companies for a quick and seamless relocation process. At ReloOlogy, our company incorporates the care, timeliness and accuracy to best serve our customers.”

Josh currently resides and works from the Dallas, TX office.

Eric J. Neeld

Eric J. Neeld

Vice President, Customer Relations

Eric attended Allentown Business School and is affiliated with NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and PSMA (PA Septage Management Association). Eric joined ReloOlogy in 2013 and comes with more than 14 years of experience with a leading national inspection services provider.

His responsibilities centered around client service satisfaction, production efficiency within his team, accuracy & efficiency of all reports produced, and overall product delivery. He was ReloOlogy’s first employee and played a crucial role in jumpstarting the business to accept its first inspection order.

After over 14 years inspection management business, I have come to fully appreciate how crucial it is to develop and solidify long-term relationships with our customers. Customer service is my top priority and I take this very seriously. One of my goals, on top of providing the top notch service our customers are accustomed to, is for our customers to have such comfort level with us that they call just to say hi and let us know how they are doing. That means the world to me.”

Eric currently resides and works from our Bensalem, PA office.

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